A Day in the Life – Peter Aves, Project Manager

I have a busy life dividing my time between different sites and the office. My main job is co-ordinating the design and specification packages as well as keeping a careful eye on the budget. This is vital to sustain progress and completion of the project on time. In this business it’s best to be wary and avoid surprises; we always check everything very carefully as the project progresses.

I am a Quantity Surveyor by profession and have been in construction for 42 years, all my working life in fact; working with major contractors and running my own consultancy. At Directline Structures I am the Project Manager and motivating others comes high in my list of jobs!

My other qualification is as a Cricket Umpire. I am a big cricket fan and one of my ambitions is to see England play Australia, in Australia. I used to play cricket myself, as well as playing Badminton to League level. These days I keep fit by hill walking and mountaineering.