Seaford Head Community College – Directline Saves School Sports Hall from the Axe

Seaford Head Community College in East Sussex now has a county standard sports facility for basketball, badminton, football, gymnastics, etc.  The project was saved by Directline Structures after being 30% over budget.

Following a recommendation from another school, we were contacted by the Seaford Head deputy head, and we advised that they could have the building on budget from us if we could redesign it.

When we showed off some previous sports halls they were convinced we could get the job done.  The teacher was surprised by the high quality, which far exceeded his expectations and he ‘wanted one just like that’.

Eight months later, following redesign and construction, the building was handed over.

Eric Southern, Director of Sport, Seaford Head Community College says: ‘Directline have been consummate professions from the inception to the completion of the project.  They have demonstrated excellence and provided support and advice throughout the process.

Their innovate build has produced an exceptional, cost effective and environmentally friendly building that will be used by students of Seaford Head and its community for years to come.

I cannot speak highly enough of Directline Structures.’

Customised Design

Directline Structures has designed and constructed 14 sports halls for schools, each one customised to suit the client and the site.

For Seaford Head, we saved 30%of the cost and increased the quality by using our extensive knowledge, experience and efficiency.

How we saved 30 tonnes of CO2

The savings are spread throughout the building, from earthworks, piling, foundations, steel structure and fit-out.

Materials and labour are optimised by elegant design, always to British Standards and to Building Regulations, but with efficient design in mind throughout.

This saving in materials has been converted into ‘Carbon’ terms and we conservatively assess that 30 tonnes of C02 were saved, as well as £300,000 of the client’s budget.

This was Directline Structures’ third school sports hall in a year, all from recommendations or for a repeat client.