The next generation of Directline Structures

Jenny and Duncan Retire

After a well managed transition process, Duncan and Jennifer Murray (MD and Financial Director) have retired from their roles as Directors.

They will continue to be involved in the business in specialist roles and business management, while their daughter, Katy Barker, has taken over the day to day running of the company. Katy is a Chartered Architect and has been working for the company for nearly 10 years. She has been a director for 2 years and the transition to management has been gradual and well planned.

The future of Directline Structures

Katy shares the same values as Duncan and Jennifer, and plans to continue the main focus of the business – Design and Build. Her involvement in the company has driven some more architectural projects and this will continue, but the core principle of “the building you want, at the price you can afford” will remain the same. Duncan has spent much time and effort imparting the knowledge he has gained over the last 40 years to Katy, and he is confident that the business is in very safe hands.

If you have any planned projects Katy would be very happy to speak to you about how Directline Structures can deliverĀ on time, and on budget.